Topics of Interest

General areas of interest to CSSE 2018 include but are not limited to:


Computer System Structure and Hardware
Computer Science Theory
Programming Languages, Compilers, & Operating Systems
Middleware Architectures & Techniques
Computer Modeling and Control Systems
Computer Architecture & VLSI

Computer Software and Computer Application Technology
Component-Based Software Engineering
Software Requirements Engineering
UML, Modeling & Simulation
Software Metrics & Project Management
Software Architectures, Design Patterns, Frameworks
Software Testing and Tools
Database, Data Warehousing, Data Engineering
Artificial Intelligence, Neural Networks and Genetic Algorithms
Computer graphics
Computer vision 
Image Processing & Pattern Recognition

Computer Network and Information Security
Wireless Communication and Mobile Computing
Communication Systems & Networks
Parallel and Distributed Computing & Systems
Data Mining & Knowledge Discovery
Network Robotics
Security & Cryptography

Software Engineering
Advanced Topics in Software Engineering
Languages and Formal Methods
Multimedia and Visual Software Engineering
Software Maintenance and Testing
Knowledge-based Systems and Formal Methods
Software Engineering Decision Making
Managing Software Projects
Web Engineering
Search Engines and Information Retrieval
Software Engineering Practice
Software Process
Web-based Education Systems and Learning Applications

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Computer Science and Software Engineering

  • Computer Science

  • 300x200
    Software Engineering

  • 300x200
    CSSE 2018 Nanjing, China, May 25-27, 2018